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The Epoch Car

The Epoch Times (newspaper) founded in 2000 and New Tang Dynasty (television) founded in 2001 belong to Epoch Media Group.



To uplift and inform society by publishing quality content that embodies integrity, dignity, and the best of humanity.


We aim to serve society by delivering the truth. We provide credible, quality news that is honest and unbiased, never slanting from the influence of outside interests.

Humanity and Traditional Values
In the face of the contemporary media climate, we put forward our commitment to unwavering, truthful reporting. We promote awareness of virtues, strive to reintroduce the beauty of forgotten traditional culture, and aim to positively impact people and society in everything we do.

Hope and Responsibility for the Future
We have a global vision, demonstrated through our portfolio of diverse brands across multiple platforms. We exist to give people hope that media can live up to its purpose of truthfully informing the public. Fostering understanding and increasing goodwill between one another is our hope, our responsibility, and our promise.

About Us

The Epoch Times / NTD is dedicated to seeking the truth through insightful and independent journalism.

Standing outside of political interests and the pursuit of profit, we educate readers about today’s most critical issues with the intention of broadening minds and uplifting society. A well-informed society is the cornerstone of a flourishing democracy.

Being independent, we investigate issues overlooked—or avoided—by other media outlets. We do this because we believe journalism must play the role of being truly responsible to society.

We strive to highlight solutions and what’s good in society rather than the conflicts that divide us. We recognize the value of the traditional arts and their ability to inspire humankind towards its highest ideals.

We stand against the systematic destruction of traditional culture by destructive ideologies such as communism, which continues to harm societies around the world.

We are inspired in this mission by our own experience. The Epoch Times / NTD brings honest and uncensored news to people oppressed by the lies and violence of communism.

The Epoch Times / NTD provides award-winning newspapers, programs and news platforms with the goal of being the global media of record, with a positive influence on society. We provide critical in-depth analysis that has often been overlooked by other mainstream media outlets.

The Epoch Times / NTD serves a broad, international readership. We are proud to offer print and web editions in Chinese, English, Spanish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian, as well as web versions in French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Turkish, Bulgarian, Persian, and TV programs in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese.

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